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Robert Audet, Principal, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants
Robert Audet is a Principal within the Healthcare vertical at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants. During his time at Diamond, one of his primary projects was to help a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical firm establish, mobilize and operate an Enterprise Architecture (EA) Community. Specifically, Robert led a team of Diamond consultants and engaged senior staff on this project to define and establish EA governance capabilities, define and roll out EA services via standard architecture processes, provide mechanisms to categorize all IT projects across the organization to quickly determine architecture involvement needed and spear head effort to defined EA metrics to measure EA operations, value generation and business alignment. Furthermore, Robert drove the initial strategic planning for this new EA Community, and worked closely with client counterparts to develop a plan to deliver incremental capabilities and value over time.
DL Byron, Principal, Textura Design
Byron is the Principal of Textura Design, Inc. He first stole Zeldman’s code in 1997, then lived dotcoms, dotcom crashes, Clip-n-Seal, and now he is evangelizing Standards-based design, writing a New Riders book about blogging, and speaking at conferences. With more than eleven years of experience, Byron is an expert blogger, web designer and developer. An entrepreneur and an inventor, he also consults with clients, co-founded the Blog Business Summit, and publishes a network of successful blogs, including one of the first business blogs.
Francis Cardin
With more than 20 years of experience in running multinational technology companies, Francis has a track record of delivering successful technology solutions to thousands of clients in more than 30 countries. As founder and CEO of Pixel Innovations Ltd, Francis specialized in software integration services, partnering with organizations like IBM, Sun and Microsoft to offer his customers industry-leading solutions. Since the sale of his company to a large healthcare software integration company in 2001, Francis has been an active investor in technology companies in the United States. In 2005, Francis was lured back to the front lines by the opportunity to head up the all-star executive team at OpenSpan.
Jeremy Deane, Technical Architect, Collaborative Consulting

Jeremy Deane is a Technical Architect at Collaborative Consulting. He has over 12 years of software engineering experience in leadership positions. His areas of expertise include Enterprise Architecture, Performance Engineering and Software Process Improvement. In addition, he has published articles and white papers on Service Oriented Architecture.

Nada deVeiga, Java Solutions Manager, Parasoft Corporation
Nada daVeiga is the Product Manager for the award winning Jtest, a Java Solution at Parasoft, where she is a senior member of the Professional Services team for four years. Nada's background includes development of service oriented architecture for integration of rich media applications such as Artesia Teams, IBM Content Manager, Stellent Content Server and Virage Video Logger. Nada developed J2EE enterprise applications and specialized in content transport frameworks using XML, JMS, SOAP, and JWSDP technologies. As a presales engineer, Nada worked with clients such as DirecTV, Cisco, Fidelity, HBO and Time Warner. She has conducted numerous industry webinars on topics such as agile development and continuous integration & testing and written numerous articles for Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Java Developer’s Journal, etc. Nada has taken part in multiple speaking engagements and holds a bachelors degree in computer science from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).
Shawn Bissel, Software Research Architect, Strangeloop Networks
As a software research architect at Strangeloop Networks, Shawn Bissell designs advanced web application acceleration solutions that implement ASP.NET and web services optimization techniques in an intelligent hardware appliance. As a member of Strangeloop’s Office of the CTO, Shawn designs the product architecture, generates patents, and translates these designs into product specifications. He brings extensive experience architecting web applications and enterprise software for performance to his role at Strangeloop. In his more than 10 years of software and application development and testing experience, Shawn has contributed deep technology expertise to companies in a wide range of industries from computer hardware, software, gaming, leisure, travel and tourism, to paper and forest products. He has architected, designed and developed object oriented enterprise frameworks used in multiple applications, and effectively led and mentored large teams of developers.

His prior software development and architect experience comprised of key roles at leading companies including Intrawest, Knowledge Junction Systems, GTE Enterprise Solutions, Electronic Arts, Canada, Resort Reservations Network, and Macmillan Bloedel. Shawn holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Simon Fraser University.
Leonard Fehskens, Vice President and Global Professional Lead for Enterprise Architecture, The Open Group
Len Fehskens has over 40 years of experience in the IT industry as both an individual practitioner and manager. As the new Vice President and Global Profession Lead for Enterprise Architecture at The Open Group, he is responsible for all activities relating to enterprise architecture at The Open Group, including AOGEA, TOGAF and the Architecture Forum. Prior to joining The Open Group, Len led the Worldwide Architecture Profession Office for HP Services at Hewlett-Packard. He has worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, Data General Corporation, Prime Computer, Compaq and Hewlett Packard. He is the lead inventor on six software patents on the object oriented management of distributed systems and was recently TOGAF 8 certified. Len majored in Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the lead inventor on six software patents for the object-oriented management of distributed systems.
Doron Grinstein, CEO and co-Founder, BiTKOO

Doron Grinstein has been recognized as a pioneer in the IAM industry for introducing the first holistic identity and access and management system.  Doron joined The Walt Disney Company in 1998, where he led the design and development of Keystone, Disney’s enterprise technology for authentication and fine-grained authorization. In 2006, he left Disney and co-founded BiTKOO with the team that originally developed Keystone, which won the Best Innovation Award at the 2008 European Identity Conference in Munich.  BiTKOO has grown every quarter since its inception, and Doron has continued to redefine how enterprises implement security with innovations such as Federated Authorization, Generic Temporal Database Access, Generic Audit Trail System, Generic Firewall Crossing Gateway, as well as additional technologies.  Doron is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars world-wide.

Natty Gur, Enterprise Architect, Dao2Com
Natty Gur has 9 years of enterprise architecture experience and more than sixteen years of IT experience. Natty managed to run two enterprise architecture initiatives, be part of the team that was responsible for SAP enterprise architecture framework (first version), writing articles about EA and speaking at various conferences about EA. Natty has been recognize by both Microsoft and SAP as top contributor in his field. Natty formed the Enterprise Architecture World Wide User Group;, where he shared his experience with the Enterprise architecture community. Natty is running enterprise architecture consulting firm.
Chris Haddad, Vice-President, Burton Group
Chris Haddad is the Vice President and service director for Burton Group Application Platform Strategies and Data Management Strategies. He covers data integration, metadata management, J2EE, service-oriented architecture (SOA), software as a service, open source, integration, XML schema, .NET, WS-*, and model-driven development. Prior to joining Burton Group, Chris led software teams on architecture, development, and transformation initiatives. His leadership roles span technical, product, and business process strategy including seven years as co-owner of a software company, three year leadership position at venture-backed software as a service company, and consulting director and delivery agent to Global 2000 enterprises and leading software vendors with focus areas of SOA, application architecture, middleware, and product/company strategy. With 17 years of experience, Chris has established software development, product direction, and integration strategy of several successful software companies. He was granted committer status on the Apache Axis project in 2002.
Peter Herzum, President, Herzum Software
Peter has always been at the forefront of pragmatic approaches to software and IT. He pioneered object-oriented approaches in-the-large in the ‘80s; component-based approaches, software factories, and agility in-the-large in the ‘90s; SOA and enterprise architectures since 1999, and "IT as a business" best practices since 2000. The creator of COSM, the third-generation IT approach for individual projects and enterprise-level IT, he is the author of many ground-breaking publications, including the best-selling book "Business Component Factory", translated in several languages and adopted by architectural curriculums around the world. Peter is a frequent keynote speaker at IT conferences world-wide.
Mitchell Kick, Vice President, Strategy and Operations, Global Ecosystem and Partner Group
Mitchell Kick brings more than 15 years of consulting industry experience to his role as Vice President of Strategy and Operations for SAP’s Global Ecosystem and Partner Group. In this position, Mr. Kick directs SAP’s strategic efforts to maximize the value and impact of its partner ecosystem. Prior to his current role, Mr. Kick served as Vice President of SAP Business Consulting. Previously he was a lead partner for Accenture and Gemini Consulting. Mitchell Kick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and a master of business administration degree and Master of Science degree in engineering from MIT’s Sloan School of Business.
Evan Leonard, Senior Engineer, Mindreef

Evan Leonard is a Senior Engineer for Mindreef, Inc. He has more than 10 years experience in the software industry and has been at Mindreef for 6 years throughout the emergence of the SOA and Web Services market. As a designer, engineer, and project manager he has overseen multiple releases of the Mindreef SOAPscope Server product family. Evan holds a Bachelor of Science in Logic & Computation and Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.

Paul Lipton, Advisor and Sr. Architect, CA Intellectual Property and Industry Standards Group
Paul Lipton is an Advisor and Senior Architect in the CA Intellectual Property and Industry Standards Group where he plays a leadership role in industry standards, open source, and emerging technology. Paul has been an architect and developer of enterprise systems for over 20 years and has also focused on SOA, virtualization, social computing, and innovation. He has participated in many standards organizations such as OASIS and the W3C, is a founding member of the CA Council for Technical Excellence where he chairs the Emerging Technology Committee and leads a project focused on Web 2.0 and research collaboration. Paul is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and a Sun Java Champion. He is a highly sought-after author and speaker covering such topics as Enterprise Architecture, SOA, management/security, governance, autonomic computing, Web 2.0, and more.
Frank Martinez, Executive Vice President, SOA Software
Frank Martinez is a recognized expert in the area of distributed, enterprise application and infrastructure platforms. Mr. Martinez is focused on driving development of scalable service-oriented infrastructure software that integrates business processes and information enterprise-wide. Mr. Martinez’s reputation as a technological visionary is demonstrated by his record of bringing innovative and commercially successful software solutions to market. He has had operating roles as a senior executive of several VC-backed firms, and was instrumental in building Intershop Communications into a multi-billion dollar public company in less than three years. Mr. Martinez was recently named an InfoWorld Innovator by InfoWorld magazine and has also been named one of 25 leading IT innovators by CRN.
Ric Merrifield, Business Architect, Microsoft Corporation
Ric Merrifield has been at Microsoft creating tools, methods, and consulting services related to business architecture since 2003. This business architecture work has proven to be an effective way to help people clearly express what they need in terms that are focused on business value, whether they are talking with peers or other people from other departments who don’t use exactly the same terminology. With this clearer statement of needs and priorities, it makes it easier to understand where people, processes, and technology can help address specific needs. Most recently, he led work on the article “The Next Revolution in Productivity” published in the June, 2008 Harvard Business Review that speaks to the impact of business architecture. Merrifield holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy, cum laude, from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and lives in Seattle.
Neeraj Sangal
Neeraj was the founder and CEO of Tendril Software, which was acquired by BEA/Webgain. The Tendril product, StructureBuilder, was at the core of Webgain's model based development strategy. Tendril was a pioneer in UML models for Java - it was the first to come up with seamless code and model synchronization capability. Tendril was also the leader in applying this capability to the creation, verification and deployment of Enterprise Java Beans.

Neeraj was previously founder and CTO of Metrix Network Systems and was responsible for the creation of the NetMetrix suite, an award winning application for Network monitoring and analysis. Metrix was acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP) and HPs related product offering was merged with it. At HP, Neeraj eventually headed up a development organization located at three different geographical centers. Neeraj focused on management practices, software process improvements and on the use of tools for running an effective distributed development organization. Neeraj holds an MS in Computer Engineering and MEng in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. Neeraj has published articles and papers in magazines and conferences. Neeraj holds a patent related to UML and model driven development technology.
Scott Scalf, head of SIG’s Enterprise Technology Group

Scott Scalf heads SIG’s Enterprise Technology Group, which guides the firm’s strategic technology vision, provides enterprise architecture and systems engineering assistance across all solutions teams, and develops enterprise systems, infrastructure, and reusable software assets. Scott has spent most of his 20-year professional IT career in the capital markets industry, first as software engineer and then as enterprise architect and technical manager. 

Scott has been with SIG for nearly 7 years where, before taking the reigns of the Enterprise Technologies Group, he led the Brokerage Trading Systems team.  Prior to joining SIG, Scott was CTO of Strategic Software Systems, a boutique consulting firm specializing in SOA practices and the development of large-scale, heterogeneous, real-time distributed computing systems for financial services firms; via S3, Scott engaged in work for Merrill Lynch, Dow Jones,, Factiva, and similar firms.

Scott holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and he is a co-inventor of two software patents for highly-scalable distributed-systems SOA middleware. 

Ashton Thorogood, Enterprise Architecture Team Lead, SIG, LLP
Ashton Thorogood is the lead Enterprise Architect for SIG, LLP’s Enterprise Technologies department and assists teams across all business lines with domain analysis, info. architecture, db engineering and data modeling. His current key initiatives include improving Master Data Management, implementing a new Enterprise Data Warehouse and championing Information and Technical Architectures. In his seven years at SIG, Ashton has also held positions as a Senior DB.